In the Kitchen: Food ‘eggs-change’

I was ever so excited by our first food ‘eggs-change’. My neighbour gave us a bag of gooseberries in exchange for some eggs.


I have wanted to make jam for so long and have never got around to it so I decided to give it ago, at 10pm last night!

I remember my Nan making gooseberry jam when I was little. I searched for recipes and the majority said 1kg of fruit and 1kg of preserving sugar. Well as I had 300g of fruit I used 300g of preserving sugar and hoped for the best.


There wasn’t alot but I guessed it would do enough for a couple of jars. I had no thermometer so guessing the setting point was all good fun!

Luckily it worked and I had enough for 2 and a half jars so I can give on away and have plenty for us still.


Am now looking into getting myself a bit more equipment as jam making seens quite easy with yummy results so I want to do more!

Has anyone tried some easy Jam making?
Can anyone recommend what equipment is worth buying and what I could do without?

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