Out in the garden: Weekend washout

I had big plans for the weekend, however due to rain not a lot got done.

On Saturday we took the boys to see the Olympic Torch relay and despite the rain we all enjoyed it, there was a lovely atmosphere.


I loved the neon queen posters as well! Not sure if they had been put up for the torch or if they were left over from the jubilee?


On Sunday afternoon we took the boys to their Nans and went to fetch some trees/bushes. We chose an apple tree, a plum tree and a loganberry bush. We came home and planted them behind the coop…I am regretting not buying a raspberry and blackcurrent bush as well now!




They hens were very inwuisitive and looked like they couldn’t wait to get out and pinch all the berries!!!


I am considering getting one of those omlet moveable fences to keep them away from the top part of the garden…does anyone have any experience with them? They are £99 so would like to hear some real life stories about pros and cons before buying!

Yesterday we had our first 4 egg day!! Clever girls 🙂


I have ordered a few bits and pieces to decorate the coop and run so will update you all when they arrive.

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2 thoughts on “Out in the garden: Weekend washout

    1. I have kept it quite quiet 😀 Thank you 😀

      oooh that’s fab thanks! Now we have bought the new coop, I couldn’t afford the fence as well ! This looks a lot cheaper 😀

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