News from the coop: A tour of 57a!

Well here we have a very much over due post showing 57a our new coop!

I mentioned in a previous post that we got a bargain playhouse and decided to convert it into a coop….J and A took it quite well and helped us with getting it all put together.


It all went very smoothly. The playhouse was easy to put together and all we needed to do then was add perches, wire mesh at the windows, cut a hole for their door and add a sliding door.

We had all of the additional materials and used an ikea shelf for the laying boxes! All in all it cost just under £100 for a 4ft x 4ft coop.


I painted it Willow green and cream and couldn’t resist fairy lights around the roof! Henrietta was the first to inspect it and they all love it! So much more room than they had before, which will be much needed come winter when they spend more time in there.

I am really pleased with the signs I made, I think they are a nice finishing touch.




Next job to sort out the small coop (57b) for the new bantams 🙂

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One thought on “News from the coop: A tour of 57a!

  1. Cute coop and nice blog!
    I found you from your sign lettering tutorial on Pinterest. We just converted a dog kennel to a coop after recently moving so I was looking for sign ideas. Good idea, thanks!

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