I have wanted a greyhound for a while now. I think it started with reading a link someone posted somewhere about what happens to greyhounds after they retire from racing and then we saw some greyhounds at our local Sainsburys where they were doing an awareness day. I fell in love with them! Totally adorable, I would have had them all 🙂

However at the time it was not the right time for us to get a dog as I was in the middle of uni and the boys were a bit too young.

Dogsitting for ten days this past week made us realise the time was now right, the boys are both at school now and a bit more able to get involved and we all loved having a dog in the family. I looked on twitter and found via the rgt site and their events page that Hall Green RGT were having an open day so we decided to visit them.


They were very busy and lots of greyhounds which had been rehomed were there, we were the only ones with a non-greyhound dog and he got a few puzzled looks from the greyhounds there, especially the kennel ones who have never seen a non-greyhound dog before!

The boys had some yummy cakes and we had a look at all the lovely dogs waiting to be homed. I had my heart set on a black one, but that didn’t narrow it down much! First off we chose to walk a lovely small girl named Tily, however, just as we got to the paddock the people who walked her previous to us decided to reserve her….I was so disapointed! We then asked if they could find us another quiet laid back, black one and they fetched Nikki out.


We went around the paddock and I was so surprised how well she walked on the lead, no pulling and was totally unphased by us having another dog with us, infact they got on very well, almost like they had always known each other.

The only thing that concerned me a little bit was her size! She is huge, I didn’t visualise us having one so large, but then I am 6ft so I think we suit each other 🙂

We reserved her and arranged a home visit so they could check out our house. The house check was last night and we passed! I was so nervous in case we didn’t pass, so nervous I forgot to offer then a cup of tea, which is not like me, how rude! I feel terrible!

I have organised some time off to settle Nikki in so we are waiting until 25th August to collect her, which will also give us chance to get everything we need. So long to wait though. Hopefully we will go and walk her this weekend and next so we can get her used to us a bit. So excited!!!!!!

We found out her race name was  Bens Nikita and have been watching her race videos and looking at her stats…unfortunately I know nothing about dog racing so most of it makes no sense to me at all!!

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6 thoughts on “Greyhound!!!!!!

  1. Hey! We live in Hall Green and can regularly be seen walking around and about with Patch & Gina. If you need any tips/help/advice when you have got Nikki home we’d be happy to help! 🙂

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