Nikki news: Visiting our beautiful girl

This morning we went to visit Nikki and take her for a walk, we did plan to go last Sunday, but A broke his elbow and was having his operation so we have had to wait until now to see her again.

Initially she seemed a little be shy and a bit wary of us all, but as soon as we had got into the field and she realised we were off for walkies, and we had given her some cuddles, she was ever so friendly and seemed pleased to be getting so much fuss.


We did a lap of the big field at Hall Green RGT and then let J have a go at holding the lead, I was a little apprehensive, but Nikki was so well behaved, especially considering she has probably had very little contact with small people! In the end we even let A have a go at holding her and she walked really slow and right up close to him 🙂


After two laps of the field we took Nikki into one of the enclosed Paddocks with a few toys and took of her lead and muzzle. We were all laughing at her so much as she got hold of the squeaky toy and wouldn’t let go! She loved it and it took a bit of a tug of war and a few treats to get it back. As soon as she got the hang of it we had lots of fun throwing the toys for her and giving her more cuddles.


Nikki was like a different dog by the end of our visit! Very friendly and cuddly and a little bit worn out! I was so sad to take her back, but we have already made all the arrangements to collect her next weekend as I have a fair bit of time off and want to settle her in to house life. If we had her today it would not of been fair as I am at work Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday  (squeezing in shifts I missed when A broke his elbow last week) and Tuesday A is back at the hospital and I have tutorials for uni.


While we were there we noticed Nikki had a couple of shaved patches on her neck and was a bit concerned that she had been poorly. Everything was okay though, it turns out Nikki is a blood donor and has been donating blood this week!!! I am so proud of her 😀 I had never really considered where the blood needed for animal operations comes from, while we were there we were given her blood donor pack (which includes a dog tag and bandana – so cute!) and I have been reading all about it since we have been home. It is definitely something we will be keeping up with and I have looked on the Pet Blood Bank website and I plan to take Nikki to the local session in October 😀 I would definitely encourage all you dog owners who meet the criteria to sign up and take your dog along as it is definitely a good cause and you never know when your dog may need blood! 

So excited now, 7 sleeps and we can bring her to her forever home 😀


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