Sewing: emergency project!

I mentioned before that last week, just two days after his birthday (he was 4) and riding his new bike, A fractured his elbow 😦  It was bad enough to need wires in to fix it back together and on Sunday he had an operation to fix it – my brave boy!

The sling we came out with was not the best and it wasn’t washable, having only one arm kind of attracts mess, especially on a four year old so I knew this was going to be an issue! I ordered a slip on sling of ebay and set about making an emergency sling from my fabric stash! Lucky I did as the slip on sling even in the small size was a bit too big…and according to A ‘boring’!


In the collection so far we have:

Blue Gingham:


Green Stars


And Pirate sling!!


I have made 6 so far as they get filthy and he needs a clean one on each day, and the plan is for him to be in a cast for 8 weeks while the cartilage heals as well, so I thought a nice selection would be needed 😀

I have ordered some plain brown for a ‘Back to School’ sling and may make a dinosaur one if I can find some nice fabric cheap enough.




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