News from the coop: “Squaaaaaaawk”


We are so lucky our neighbours seem to like the “sounds of the countryside” that our hens are providing them with. Scramble our Amber Link has taken to making the loudest ever squarky/combined with goose type honking noise each morning when they have all finished laying! Very handy as we know when to go and collect the eggs but I can imagine it being quite loud and annoying if we have popped out as she goes on and on and it can be heard in the house!!!

Any one else have hens who do this???



4 thoughts on “News from the coop: “Squaaaaaaawk”

  1. Not specifically after laying, but one or two of mine are prone to the old “boc boc boc BOOOOOC” when they see something they don’t like, including tjhe neighbourhood cats, which is pretty frequent. It’s woken me up through double glazing at 4am! Allegedly my neighbours find their normal noise comoforting though..

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