News from the coop: Entertainment!

The chickens were being very noisy girls yesterday, there were some birds flapping around  in the hedge next to them and they were responding with some very loud “Boc Boc Bocing!”. I usually find a nice treat distracts them and quietens them down so set of to the fridge in search of chicken yumminess!

I found a cabbage which needed using and remembered I had read somewhere about hanging a whole cabbage up for chickens to peck at, so I thought I would give it a go.

First I used an apple corer to make a hole through the top of the cabbage:


Then I used a spare chain (which I used to hang the water from until they started sitting on it and tipping it!) and threaded it through the hole:


Initially the girls ran off and hid as there appeared to be a big purple alien hovering in their run! Then I broke off a bit of the cabbage so they could taste it and Henrietta had a closer look to see what it was…..then ran off.


I left them to it for a while and then when I returned there was an absolutely frenzy going on, chicken and cabbage flying about everywhere and half of the cabbage had been eaten!!


I am now trying to thing of other things I can hang up for their entertainment! Any ideas?


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