A productive abscence!

It’s been another quiet few months on the blog, I’ve had my head buried in books, assignment writing and exam revision, leaving little time for any crafty creations, minimal home made yumminess and as for reading it’s been strictly public health based!

However, it has been worth the work and time put in as this week marked the end of academic work for the foreseeable future (always the possibility of finishing my masters but not just yet!) all exams and assignments passed!  I feel proud of myself and my three amazing friends and fellow students HVs who also passed everything and have got me through a crazy 9 months!

I shall be going into semester 3 (10 weeks to show I can do the job!) with this fantastic survival kit, made for me by the very fab Yarnyrobin, I love it, very creative and thoughtful!


I’m hoping I shall now be able to go back to some crafty time and at least finish a few projects I have on the go. However, not today as I am snuggled on the sofa feeling sorry for myself with a summer cold covered in tiger balm to help me breath! I have managed to make a batch of date flapjacks though, which smell amazing, I shall try and share some photos and a link to the recipe later!


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