Sunday Sevens #2


Sunday Sevens is the weekly blog series created by Natalie over on Threads and Bobbins.

So, here is week two of Sunday Sevens, I’ve had a really busy week at work so nothing too exciting (and definitely nothing politics related!!) more of a photo a day!



I may have over booked myself in my diary this week, it was none stop and a few days I didn’t even make it back to the office for lunch, however this wasn’t all bad as I got to eat my lunch in my car looking at these beautiful views!



The stationery addict in me was very pleased when the postman delivered my new rubber….I am like a small child when it comes to stationery!



I’ve always had a little bit of a thing for buttons, I used to love nothing more than playing with my nans button tin! After my mum gave me some bags of buttons split into colours I had to split my entire collection up….which I have now done!



As it’s coming up to summer holidays time I found out my Travelary journal and found I’m one and a half holidays behind, so need to catch up with this before we go away! I love the travelary book and it’s layout.



Treated myself to these dies this week. I get £5 amazon vouchers each month for connecting our TV to viewers logic so I used the vouchers for these, I also got some kraft cards and a white ink pad but didn’t photo those!



No fish resuscitation this week, just organising the kennels for these two! Poor niki is so thin and bald now, the kennels are going to give her lots of extra fleeces and blankets to snuggle in!



Yesterday was car MOT day and we got caught up in this rain walking to collect the car! My 9yr old declared it must be a  ‘natural disaster’ as the road turned into a fast flowing stream!

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Seven, hopefully next week will seem more craftiness!!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #2

  1. Crazy weather! I have the 3D butterfly die too, it’s very handy. The new rubber is very cute. I’d agree with your son about the weather and natural disasters.

  2. It hurt my heart to see Niki so thin. Why is she thin and bald? Can anything be done to help her gain some weight? Feeling concerned. I love all greyhounds and wondering what her story is why she is so thin?

    1. She had Pancreatitis last year and almost died whilst we were on holiday…she lost her fur at that point during her illness and recovery and it just won’t grow back, she’s even had photos sent to various dog dermatologists (pet plan must love me!)but they say greyhounds lose fur when they’re dehydrated and it’s a slow process to come back. She’s lost a lot of weight as she’s had a couple of recurring bouts of Pancreatitis (but weights now static – she’s weighed regularly by the vet) and had a variety of tests but they cannot find the cause. In herself she’s very happy (the vets opinion, I’m not so sure and think she hides her discomfort) and eats a lots but only tolerates EN gastrointestinal food. I feel she must have an underlying condition the vets (multiple different)ones can’t find.

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