Smile :-)

Lots to smile about at the moment as we have just moved to a lovely new house, which we are having fun making our home.

This morning we had a break from unpacking and had a walk into the woods across the road to look for smile stones.

I only recently heard of these after seeing the #smilestones hash tag on social media. People are hiding decorated stones to find and rehide (after posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram).

It was lots of fun even though we only found 3 today!

Sunday Sevens #6

Sunday Sevens is the weekly blog series created by Natalie over on Threads and Bobbins

My 6th week of Sunday Sevens. Having missed out 3 Sundays because of holiday I really couldn’t make up my mind whether I should do full posts or a catch up and decided to do a catch up combined with this week’s post.

#1 Breaking point

So I’d finished all my university assignments/exams (and passed!), I’d got through the stress of the job interview  (and got the job!), I was all packed and ready to go on holiday. I was stressed but things were looking good! It was Friday afternoon and I had a call to day the littlest boy was being taken to A&E!! Urgh! Broken wrist in 2 places….thanks to the fab A&E team though we were out within an hour plastered arm and fit to fly certificate!

#2 Kefalonia

Despite the broken wrist we had an absolutely fab holiday in Kefalonia! Kefalonia is an absolutely beautiful place we stayed in an amazing villa and got to see the turtles swimming in Argostoli bay. Seems like so long ago now though!

#3 Birthday Cake

I was asked to make littlest a marvel and dc superhero cake for his birthday and after many hours of pinterest research I came up with this! I hate icing and making this at 6am when it was hot and the icing was melting nearly finished me off, but seeing his face when he saw it made it all worthwhile!

#4 Swapping salads for soup

I’ve spent months having salads for lunch at work and was getting bored so I decided to make some homemade soups, this one is carrot and courgette and is really nice!

#5 Berries or no berries

I made an apple and blackberry crumble with apples and blackberries from the garden but only after confirmed parental permission to eat berries off a bush! I must have taken the ‘some berries are poisonous’ lesson very seriously as a child as I don’t trust any berries at all! Haha! Tastes amazing though!

#6 Cuttlebug back out!

Lots of card making this weekend, no cards finished yet though as I’m waiting for a sentiment die set which I ordered to arrive, hope it arrives soon as I have lots to finish.

#7 Family day

A few months ago we joined The National Trust and English Heritage, I have to say I was enjoying National Trust days out the most so far, until today! We want to Stokesay Castle and it was so lovely, it’s a really cute little castle in Craven Arms Shropshire. Lovely gardens where we had tea and cake and watched all the birds and the boys tried out bows and arrows and different games.

A productive abscence!

It’s been another quiet few months on the blog, I’ve had my head buried in books, assignment writing and exam revision, leaving little time for any crafty creations, minimal home made yumminess and as for reading it’s been strictly public health based!

However, it has been worth the work and time put in as this week marked the end of academic work for the foreseeable future (always the possibility of finishing my masters but not just yet!) all exams and assignments passed!  I feel proud of myself and my three amazing friends and fellow students HVs who also passed everything and have got me through a crazy 9 months!

I shall be going into semester 3 (10 weeks to show I can do the job!) with this fantastic survival kit, made for me by the very fab Yarnyrobin, I love it, very creative and thoughtful!


I’m hoping I shall now be able to go back to some crafty time and at least finish a few projects I have on the go. However, not today as I am snuggled on the sofa feeling sorry for myself with a summer cold covered in tiger balm to help me breath! I have managed to make a batch of date flapjacks though, which smell amazing, I shall try and share some photos and a link to the recipe later!