Sunday Sevens #2


Sunday Sevens is the weekly blog series created by Natalie over on Threads and Bobbins.

So, here is week two of Sunday Sevens, I’ve had a really busy week at work so nothing too exciting (and definitely nothing politics related!!) more of a photo a day!



I may have over booked myself in my diary this week, it was none stop and a few days I didn’t even make it back to the office for lunch, however this wasn’t all bad as I got to eat my lunch in my car looking at these beautiful views!



The stationery addict in me was very pleased when the postman delivered my new rubber….I am like a small child when it comes to stationery!



I’ve always had a little bit of a thing for buttons, I used to love nothing more than playing with my nans button tin! After my mum gave me some bags of buttons split into colours I had to split my entire collection up….which I have now done!



As it’s coming up to summer holidays time I found out my Travelary journal and found I’m one and a half holidays behind, so need to catch up with this before we go away! I love the travelary book and it’s layout.



Treated myself to these dies this week. I get £5 amazon vouchers each month for connecting our TV to viewers logic so I used the vouchers for these, I also got some kraft cards and a white ink pad but didn’t photo those!



No fish resuscitation this week, just organising the kennels for these two! Poor niki is so thin and bald now, the kennels are going to give her lots of extra fleeces and blankets to snuggle in!



Yesterday was car MOT day and we got caught up in this rain walking to collect the car! My 9yr old declared it must be a  ‘natural disaster’ as the road turned into a fast flowing stream!

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Seven, hopefully next week will seem more craftiness!!



Looking at the drizzle and grey clouds outside this morning you would have never guessed what a beautiful sunny day we had on Thursday walking the dogs and an unexpected trip to Wales!

Nikki and Woody had a walk around the park a rarity as it is full of tiny dogs off leads which when they run up to Woody and bark at him and run off proves to much, it’s like being in the traps again and he gets most excited! Therefore when we are likely to meet little furry friends off their lead he always wears his muzzle. It makes us sad at people’s attitudes if while on his lead wearing his muzzle he barks at their unmuzzled of the lead dog…as he becomes the problem dog? Having spoken to other greyhound owners this is a common greyhound problem. 

Anyway we had fun and played beat the street, collecting points for the boys school. Double points and lots of people out and about.


In the afternoon we had an unexpected drive to Wales for another walk with Nikki and Woody and some amazing fish and chips! Nikki and the boys loved the rabbits in the field, Woody wasn’t as excited by rabbits as little dogs but he enjoyed a second sunny walk.


Long time no blog!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my poor neglected blog recently, it’s been over 18 months since my last post and probably3 years since I kept regular posts.

Nikki and Woody  (previously Noddy) have been living happily together, it turned out Woody was much less trouble than Nikki and he is the perfect gentleman with her


Christmas has seen santa bring a new craft to me. I have been very lucky to have a Kirstie Allsopp Cuttlebug from my Mum and Step Dad and can’t wait to get crafting with it, not only was I lucky enough to have the machine the also gave me lots of dies etc to get me started! I am looking forward to purchasing a poppycraft cottage stamp as it looks amazing, however everywhere is out of stock at the moment so I must be patient!


I think I need to get to grips with the basics first, lots to learn and lots of fun to be had learning! I must be strong though, assignments and uni work comes first!


Nikki News: The big update


Well we have now had Nikki for six weeks so I thought I should really do a well over date update on, how life as an adoptive Mummy to a greyhound has been!

I think I left off at the end of week one where Nikki was getting more and more confident each day. The beginning of week two we took her to the Wolverhampton marathon to cheer on her new Daddy, Nikki found this very scary and all of the people there watching freaked her out a bit. I ended up finding a quiet corner about 100 metres before the finish line and she was then quite happy to stand and watch the runners going past without the crowds scaring her. I ended up doing some educating on greyhounds as well as I was quite offended when a lady walked past with her little girl. The girl asked “Mummy whats on that dogs mouth?” and the Mum replied “Its called a muzzle that must be a very nasty dog who bites people”….I was quite shocked and told the little girl that Nikki was a lovely friendly dog who had never bitten anyone, but she used to be a racing dog not so wheres the muzzle incase she tries to chase smaller dogs/squirrels or gets scared and tries to protect herself. The Mum was a bit shocked that I said this, but I felt the need to stand up for greyhounds 😀

Since getting Nikki I have been so shocked at how greyhounds get a bad name for wearing a muzzle as people thing it is because they are vicious, whereas people get away with letting their dogs run off the lead and chase other dogs/people. In week 3 of having Nikki I was walking Nikki by our local park and a dog came running up to us snarling and growling at Nikki and grabbed onto the leg of my jeans, Nikki (my hero) pushed herself between me and the dog to protect me and then a man in a car stopped and chased the dog away. I was really shaken up and so worried Nikki was going to get bitten. I think this was a turning point for Nikki and when she seemed to become a bit less scared! I think all the fuss she got for being a big brave dog must have given her a confidence boost 😀

Nikki loves a good Tummy rub and will lie like this whining until one of us gets up and gives her a rub! If unsuccessful she will get up and stand over our feet until we give her a rub that way!


As soon as we got Nikki we found she has a love for both squeaky and cuddly toys (hers or the boys!) and is rather fond of slippers! She was continuously stealing A’s toys dog so I had to go in search of a decent sized cuddly for her to have as her own….we found Harvey Rabbit (F.R.I.E.N.D.S do we really need them? yes!) and since then it has been her very favourite thing


As far as house training has been Nikki has been very good, we have discovered she has a love for tea and if anyone leaves a cup at greyhound height she will drink it, however tea seems to make her need to wee and has caused her to have a couple of accidents by the back door (each time connected to the stealing of peoples cups of tea so we have to be very careful!) the only other accident was when I was on nights and the boys were hyperactive and noisey, as I was sleeping we took Nikki upstairs for the first time and she slept on the floor all afternoon by my bed. When I woke up I tried to get her to come downstairs but she couldn’t do the stairs herself – we have very steep narrow stairs. I went downstairs to get some help carrying her down (I couldn’t manage a 30kg dog on my own) but as we were going back up she ran down looking a bit sheepish. We later discovered she must have jumped on the bed and done the biggest wee ever. We ended up with a new mattress! Nikki has not been upstairs since! In her defense it was an old mattress which was very uncomfortable and thanks to her I now have a lovely memory foam mattress which is so cosy!


As Nikki’s personality has come out we have discovered she is a very funny, goofy dog and has us all laughing so often! She has absolutely no sense of her own size and often tries to shuffle around/turn in places and gets wedged between things as she thinks she will fit but doesn’t, she also gets excited in the morning and attempts to run at us  along the full length of the house which is all laminate floor, which always ends up in a  Scooby Doo moment when her legs are going at full speed, but she doesn’t actually move anywhere!

It took until two weeks ago for Nikki to discover the smallest resident of our house ‘Buzz Lightyear’ the hamster! Within an hour of her ‘discovering’ him I had gone out and replaced his flimsy plastic/wire cage with a big tank as she had the other cage off the shelf and open twice. The situation was not helped by Buzz standing his ground, showing no fear and attempting to bite Nikki’s nose! Even though Buzz is now in his tank we have had to move him to another room as I don’t think Nikki could be trusted not to eat him if they were alone. I am hoping they will bond as I would like to move Buzz at least into the kitchen for the winter as the front room he is in now will probably be a bit to cold for him!


Nikki is also very fond of food! She seems to be a bottomless pit and I am sure she would eat all day if she could, she is always after treats and will lie by my feet when I cook dinner on the off chance she will get lucky and something will fall (or I will cave in and accidently drop something yummy in her bowl!). Current favorites are cheese, yogurt and pasta!


The boys have really taken to Nikki and often include her in their games (she usually has to be some kind of alien from Ben 10 or an Ood from Doctor Who!). J is also enjoying reading his school reading books to her, and shows much more enthusiasm than when he reads to us, so I think she would make a fab reading dog!


Last weekend while I was at work, the boys, their Dad and Nikki went to visit their Grandad and went for a walk in the woods by his house. Whilst her poo was being cleaned up Nikki spotted a squirrel and bolted off after it. Nikki proved she can indeed do 0-45mph very quickly, however when the squirrel hopped through a metal gate she also proved she is not so fast at doing 45mph-0mph and hit the fence, ending up with a rather large scratch on her nose 😦 It has all healed very nicely now, but she has a bald line down her nose! Really hoping it grows back!


At night Nikki has been enjoying snuggling on her bed with her blanket over the top of her…I am seriously considering making her a pair of greyhound PJ’s to keep her cosy when winter arrives!


Well, that’s it for now as this post ended up getting a little bit long! Will have to try and do some more regular smaller updates I think!

Nikki news: Visiting our beautiful girl

This morning we went to visit Nikki and take her for a walk, we did plan to go last Sunday, but A broke his elbow and was having his operation so we have had to wait until now to see her again.

Initially she seemed a little be shy and a bit wary of us all, but as soon as we had got into the field and she realised we were off for walkies, and we had given her some cuddles, she was ever so friendly and seemed pleased to be getting so much fuss.


We did a lap of the big field at Hall Green RGT and then let J have a go at holding the lead, I was a little apprehensive, but Nikki was so well behaved, especially considering she has probably had very little contact with small people! In the end we even let A have a go at holding her and she walked really slow and right up close to him 🙂


After two laps of the field we took Nikki into one of the enclosed Paddocks with a few toys and took of her lead and muzzle. We were all laughing at her so much as she got hold of the squeaky toy and wouldn’t let go! She loved it and it took a bit of a tug of war and a few treats to get it back. As soon as she got the hang of it we had lots of fun throwing the toys for her and giving her more cuddles.


Nikki was like a different dog by the end of our visit! Very friendly and cuddly and a little bit worn out! I was so sad to take her back, but we have already made all the arrangements to collect her next weekend as I have a fair bit of time off and want to settle her in to house life. If we had her today it would not of been fair as I am at work Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday  (squeezing in shifts I missed when A broke his elbow last week) and Tuesday A is back at the hospital and I have tutorials for uni.


While we were there we noticed Nikki had a couple of shaved patches on her neck and was a bit concerned that she had been poorly. Everything was okay though, it turns out Nikki is a blood donor and has been donating blood this week!!! I am so proud of her 😀 I had never really considered where the blood needed for animal operations comes from, while we were there we were given her blood donor pack (which includes a dog tag and bandana – so cute!) and I have been reading all about it since we have been home. It is definitely something we will be keeping up with and I have looked on the Pet Blood Bank website and I plan to take Nikki to the local session in October 😀 I would definitely encourage all you dog owners who meet the criteria to sign up and take your dog along as it is definitely a good cause and you never know when your dog may need blood! 

So excited now, 7 sleeps and we can bring her to her forever home 😀


I have wanted a greyhound for a while now. I think it started with reading a link someone posted somewhere about what happens to greyhounds after they retire from racing and then we saw some greyhounds at our local Sainsburys where they were doing an awareness day. I fell in love with them! Totally adorable, I would have had them all 🙂

However at the time it was not the right time for us to get a dog as I was in the middle of uni and the boys were a bit too young.

Dogsitting for ten days this past week made us realise the time was now right, the boys are both at school now and a bit more able to get involved and we all loved having a dog in the family. I looked on twitter and found via the rgt site and their events page that Hall Green RGT were having an open day so we decided to visit them.


They were very busy and lots of greyhounds which had been rehomed were there, we were the only ones with a non-greyhound dog and he got a few puzzled looks from the greyhounds there, especially the kennel ones who have never seen a non-greyhound dog before!

The boys had some yummy cakes and we had a look at all the lovely dogs waiting to be homed. I had my heart set on a black one, but that didn’t narrow it down much! First off we chose to walk a lovely small girl named Tily, however, just as we got to the paddock the people who walked her previous to us decided to reserve her….I was so disapointed! We then asked if they could find us another quiet laid back, black one and they fetched Nikki out.


We went around the paddock and I was so surprised how well she walked on the lead, no pulling and was totally unphased by us having another dog with us, infact they got on very well, almost like they had always known each other.

The only thing that concerned me a little bit was her size! She is huge, I didn’t visualise us having one so large, but then I am 6ft so I think we suit each other 🙂

We reserved her and arranged a home visit so they could check out our house. The house check was last night and we passed! I was so nervous in case we didn’t pass, so nervous I forgot to offer then a cup of tea, which is not like me, how rude! I feel terrible!

I have organised some time off to settle Nikki in so we are waiting until 25th August to collect her, which will also give us chance to get everything we need. So long to wait though. Hopefully we will go and walk her this weekend and next so we can get her used to us a bit. So excited!!!!!!

We found out her race name was  Bens Nikita and have been watching her race videos and looking at her stats…unfortunately I know nothing about dog racing so most of it makes no sense to me at all!!

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