In the Kitchen: Awfully good waffles

Well, I’ve been meaning to try making waffles since I bought my sandwich/waffle maker last year however the first one broke when I tried to change the plates (they sent me out a new one) so I’ve been a little apprehensive!

This morning I gave it a whirl and so pleased I did! I’ve never tried waffles before so wasn’t sure what to expect, these were lovely and light and fluffy.

There are so many recipes on the Internet but I went for BBC Good food’s “Awfully good ones” just for the name!

The boys loved them, only downside cleaning the waffle maker after! It’s an awful design, please someone invent one that’s easy clean!

In the Kitchen: Flapjack (the best ever)

We love flapjack, however my home made ones have not been as good recently (not soft enough) and therfore I have been desperately searching for a new recipe!

A Google search led me to The Hedge comber blog and what claimed to be  “The best flapjack recipe in the whole wide world ever!”. Quite a statement! I had all the ingredients in so I decided to give it a whirl and it did not disappoint!


Fab recipe, perfect consistency and very filling! I cut into 10 pieces instead of 16, next time I will go for 16 these are way too big!


The boys loved them too so I’ll certainly be making them again!


I enjoyed them with a nice cup of tea!

Recipe can be found over on The Hedge combers blog here

In the kitchen: Lime drizzle cake

Today I baked a cake for the first time in ages. We are going out for the day tomorrow and taking a picnic so I thought I would try a recipe I found HERE on Green Cooking Blog for lemon drizzle sponge with lime buttercream.


Out came my trusty mixer I’m unsure how old it is but I am 35 and it belonged to my Nan who passed away when I was 7!

I followed the recipe except I put the buttercream in the middle as it’s less messy to eat!


I baked as one sponge though, just so I could try out the cotton cutting method….look how straight it is!


The buttercream  is beautiful, I’m not usually a buttercream fan but the lime juice stops it being to sickly.


It’s a huge hit with everyone, hope there is some left for our picnic tomorrow!

Thanks for posting the recipe Will!

In the Kitchen: Popcorn obsession

We have always loved home made popcorn rather than the shop bought kind, however I always seem to end up burning pans when I make it or it turning out a bit chewy in the microwave, so after a lot of debate I finally decided to buy a hot air popcorn maker!

I went as cheap as possible and picked one up off Amazon for £12, it was really difficult to find one that wasn’t red.

When it arrived the first batch was a little dry, I was trying to be super healthy and not use melted butter, big mistake…it is the butter which makes it taste perfect.

We have tried lots and lots of flavourings, some shop bought some made with store cupboard ingredients. The boys love Chocolate and Salt N’ Sweet best of all.

My favourite is Mexican Popcorn and I have mixed up a jar full which I don’t think will last long! The recipe can be found HERE

The process is so easy, fill the measure up with popcorn, tip in, switch on and in two minutes freshly popped popcorn comes flying out. Then I tip on some melted butter and season!

I definitely need a bigger machine as this one does not feed 5 hungry popcorn addicts!


In the Kitchen: The worlds quickest pudding!

Yesterday was spent looking at bantams! We found a lovely breeder who had a huge selection of bantams for sale. We weren’t going to buy, just ask questions and try and choose a breed so as in a month or so we can get some. We didn’t manage to choose though as we loved them all. I think my very favorite were the Lavendar Pekins, but there was a hybrid breed there that were lovely too.

We need to get a roof put on our run and get some sand and also brick around it to fox proof it.

Anyway, we ended up rushing back via the shops as we had nothing in suitable for dinner as we had big J with us and unlike J and A, he is a fussy eater! I got ingredients for a cottage pie and made it while my dad was here so I never considered pudding as I was distracted.

It was 7pm when we sat down to eat and I realised there was no pudding and the boys were all expecting something yummy! So I made a steamed fruit pudding….without steaming!

I got a small cassrrole pot and put a few handfuls of mixed frozen berries in the bottom (enough to cover the bottom) I then lightly sprinkled with caster sugar and a few tablespoons of strawberry jam – the exact amount would depend on your dish size, it needs to be enough to make a sauce with the fruit. Next I made a sponge mixture using 2 small eggs, 100g of flour, 100g caster sugar, 100g of butter and 50ml milk. I mixed all the sponge ingredients in a mixer until smooth and fluffy, then poured on top of the fruit.


Then cook in the microwave for 5-10 mins until the sponge is firm and starting to come away from the sides of the dish. The exact time will vary depending of the dish used and the power of your microwave.


This was a huge sucess with the boys they loved it! It was yummy served with custard 🙂


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In the Kitchen: Cornflake smarties cakes

The quickest cake ever!

I fancied making cocopop cakes but got told by J and A that I couldn’t use their current fave cereal…so I had to use my cornflakes.

I melted two bars of supermarket own chocolate in the microwave added about 3 large handfuls of cornflakes and 3/4 of a bag of smarties. I stirred well and then spooned into paper cases and put in the fridge to set!


The perfect quick treat for my poorly little boy who had to be picked up from school early today.

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In the Kitchen: Ikea Meatballs!

I love Ikea meatballs! However I do have to limit my trips to Ikea as they can be quite expensive.
I was searching the internet for a recipe for the cream sauce and came accross a fab blog with some yummy recipes, one of which was a complete Ikea meatball and sauce recipe.

The recipe can be found on Christine’s food blog here.

Here is a photo of my attempt…the photo is of one of the boys little portions, we ate way more!


Will definitely be making this again.

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