Reduce, Recycle, Reuse: Zero Waste Week

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2012

Next week is National Zero Waste Week, an opportunity for everybody to sign up to recycle one more thing, which if it happened would make a huge impact on the amount of recycling.

I plan to do my bit by recycling batteries, I always see the recycling box in my local supermarket whenever I go in and think “I must start making use of that” and never do, so now is the time I am going to start!

To get involved click on the link above and leave them a comment letting them know how you plan to make a difference, why not leave me a comment to let me know what you are doing as well 😀

In the Garden: A big can of worms

For a while now I have wanted a wormery in the garden, but have never, until recently, properly looked into the options. Well I can honestly say I am quite surprised at the expense of it all…although in the long run I can see I would have some lovely compost for my veggie garden and be reducing my household waste.

My options seem to be as follows:

Omlet: Hungry Bin

Hungry Bin

Starting price – £175.00

These look amazing and seem to include everything you would need, looks very portable with the wheels, but at nearly £200 I really do not think I could justify the cost.  It is a lot to spend on worms and compost in my opinion and kind of distracts from the ‘money saving’ aspect I like about composting etc!

Original Organics : The Original Wormery

Original Wormery Internals

Starting price – £52.95

A lot more reasonable price, includes everything you need to set up, but doesn’t look as easy to access the compost as the Omlet one? Something maybe to investigate further. Also not portable, I’m not sure I would want to move it though so not a big issue.

Wolverhampton Council –

Can-O-Worms Basic with Budget Pack, 45 litres

Starting Price – £53.00

This is a ‘can o worms’ composter is available, apparently at a discounted rate from our local council. It includes everything to start up as the other two above, but I like the look of this as it is in layers and seems easy to access and maintain, there is a more expensive one with additional layer, so I wonder if maybe this one could be added to if I got on okay with it?

Tesco Greener living DIY version

*No photo available*

Starting price – A plastic tap plus worms

This article tells you how to make your own wormery from a box (am thinking I would use my old recycling box) and turn it into a wormery. Looks like it would be awkward to access the compost, but it would be easy to drain off the ‘worm juice’. Realistically I think this is the one I will try as it is cheap and I won’t have a lot to lose if it turns out to be not for us.

I am interested to know your thoughts though?

Any tried and tested wormeries?

Has anyone done any blog reviews etc, or know of any you could link me to?

I am more of a look at before I buy person so will have to try and see if any local garden centres stock any of these so I can get a feel for them.

Any opinions?