In the Kitchen: Awfully good waffles

Well, I’ve been meaning to try making waffles since I bought my sandwich/waffle maker last year however the first one broke when I tried to change the plates (they sent me out a new one) so I’ve been a little apprehensive!

This morning I gave it a whirl and so pleased I did! I’ve never tried waffles before so wasn’t sure what to expect, these were lovely and light and fluffy.

There are so many recipes on the Internet but I went for BBC Good food’s “Awfully good ones” just for the name!

The boys loved them, only downside cleaning the waffle maker after! It’s an awful design, please someone invent one that’s easy clean!

Tutorial: How I made name signs…

I have lots of exciting photos of our new coop to share soon, but not until it is completely finished.

In the mean time I thought I would share with you the process of making the name signs. I am not neat enough to write free hand and wanted a different font for each hen.

I bought some blank plaques from Bluebell Woods ebay store, and painted them with two coats of the wood preservor which I used for the coop. I then used word and some fancy fonts to print off the hens names.


I cut each name out into a rectangle and traced the letters on the reverse…I used thin paper, but if your paper was too thick you could hold it up to a window to trace.


Next I taped the name onto the sign in exactly the place I wanted it and coloured over each letter pressing quite hard.


I was left with a print of the name on the wood.


Finally I went over the letters on the wood with a black paint marker (also from ebay).


I am so pleased with the results! I have two more to make, plus a ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign to make. Then they can be hung up on the run.


So much easier than attempting free hand!

I decided to finish off with a coat of spray varnish to protect the lettering. I am undecided whether or not to attach them individually to the run with wire, or to hang them from each other with either garden twine or chain. Final decision to be made tomorrow if it stops raining enough to go outside and see which looks best!

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