In the Kitchen: Awfully good waffles

Well, I’ve been meaning to try making waffles since I bought my sandwich/waffle maker last year however the first one broke when I tried to change the plates (they sent me out a new one) so I’ve been a little apprehensive!

This morning I gave it a whirl and so pleased I did! I’ve never tried waffles before so wasn’t sure what to expect, these were lovely and light and fluffy.

There are so many recipes on the Internet but I went for BBC Good food’s “Awfully good ones” just for the name!

The boys loved them, only downside cleaning the waffle maker after! It’s an awful design, please someone invent one that’s easy clean!

In the Kitchen: Rainbow Jelly

Quite a while back we went to our local ‘All you can eat’ restaurant and they had slices of rainbow jelly which J & A loved! I have been wanting to make some for them ever since.

I found (via pinterest again!) THIS method for making rainbow jelly and decided to give it a try!

It took a lot of messing around and probably wasn’t the best thing to do whilst I was working on my assignment as I kept forgetting about it and letting it set too much between layers.

I started with these colours… I had green as well and wish I had made room for it!


This is how it looked last night in the fridge:


And this is a slice of it this morning:


I used plain yogurt for the white, but I think milk would work as well.

Things I learn for next time:

It takes an entire day, start early!

It would have been better in a smaller volume and perhaps in a square loaf tin so it can be turned out and sliced.

Use more colours as you need more for the effect.

It tastes yummy though, just like jelly tots and the boys love it 😀

In the Kitchen: Food ‘eggs-change’

I was ever so excited by our first food ‘eggs-change’. My neighbour gave us a bag of gooseberries in exchange for some eggs.


I have wanted to make jam for so long and have never got around to it so I decided to give it ago, at 10pm last night!

I remember my Nan making gooseberry jam when I was little. I searched for recipes and the majority said 1kg of fruit and 1kg of preserving sugar. Well as I had 300g of fruit I used 300g of preserving sugar and hoped for the best.


There wasn’t alot but I guessed it would do enough for a couple of jars. I had no thermometer so guessing the setting point was all good fun!

Luckily it worked and I had enough for 2 and a half jars so I can give on away and have plenty for us still.


Am now looking into getting myself a bit more equipment as jam making seens quite easy with yummy results so I want to do more!

Has anyone tried some easy Jam making?
Can anyone recommend what equipment is worth buying and what I could do without?

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