Out and About: Scavenger Hunt

I think I have mentioned before I have a huge addition to Pinterest and whenever I have five minutes spare I can be found on the Pinterest app, pinning like made to my pinterest boards, I do like it when I actually get to use something I have pinned and this scavenger hunt is one of those things!

We had planned a nice family walk for last Sunday, however I had got the day of my upcoming exam confused and it was infact on the Monday, whereas I had been convinced it was on the Tuesday (therefore giving me the Monday to practice my presentation!) – yes if only I could ‘pin’ my academic work and be so organised as I am with everything else! So, this meant I couldn’t go out for the day 😦

I decided I still wanted to contribute to the boys day and remembered seeing THIS Scavenger hunt which I had pinned for an activity to do sometime with the boys.

As I was short on time I wrote the list out of index cards (which I was using for my presentation notes!) in each of the boys favourite colours:


I then placed each card in a small bah and folded it over and then taped it on to a bag big enough to collect their goodies in:



The boys and Nikki then headed off to Cannock Chase with their Dad in search of everything off their list! It kept them amused and out of the house all afternoon and gave me time to get on with my work.

I missed going out for the day with them, but it was great when they came back all excited with a bag full of exciting things to show me 😀



I have a huge update to do on Nikki as she has settled down with us so well! I shall be posting it as soon as I have got all of these assignments out of the way and I have a little bit of freedom back!

Sewing: emergency project!

I mentioned before that last week, just two days after his birthday (he was 4) and riding his new bike, A fractured his elbow 😦  It was bad enough to need wires in to fix it back together and on Sunday he had an operation to fix it – my brave boy!

The sling we came out with was not the best and it wasn’t washable, having only one arm kind of attracts mess, especially on a four year old so I knew this was going to be an issue! I ordered a slip on sling of ebay and set about making an emergency sling from my fabric stash! Lucky I did as the slip on sling even in the small size was a bit too big…and according to A ‘boring’!


In the collection so far we have:

Blue Gingham:


Green Stars


And Pirate sling!!


I have made 6 so far as they get filthy and he needs a clean one on each day, and the plan is for him to be in a cast for 8 weeks while the cartilage heals as well, so I thought a nice selection would be needed 😀

I have ordered some plain brown for a ‘Back to School’ sling and may make a dinosaur one if I can find some nice fabric cheap enough.